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How to grow Pears

  SOIL Prefers well drained fertile soil. PLANTING SITE Sunny and sheltered is best. Plant 4-5m apart from other trees.

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About Apple Rootstocks

  Variety Tree Height  Rootstock Description M9 Dwarf 3m Suits well drained, fertile soils. Not suitable for heavy clay soils. Requires tree support (eg.

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Control Pests & Diseases

  Spray Prevention Guide for Pipfruit Trees    MAJOR PESTS & DISEASES AFFECTING PIPFRUIT INCLUDE: Blackspot, powdery mildew, leaf curling midge, pear psylla, blister leaf mite and codling moth.

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How to grow Apples

  SOIL Soil depends on the rootstock the variety is grafted onto. Dwarf rootstocks require fertile, well draining soils.

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