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Fruit Tree Pruning - Videos
Our Handy Tree Training Knot

Training branches to grow horizontally will encourage heavier cropping and less vigorous vegetative growth.

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Starting an Espaliered Fruit Tree

Espalier trees are often grown against a wall, traditionally brick or plaster, but wires between posts can be used to support and train the tree.

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Prune a Vase Shape Fruit Tree

With the open vase system, the leader is removed and 3-5 major limbs are developed as the basic shape of the tree.

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Pruning a Modified Central Leader Fruit Tree

The modified central leader tree form is recommended for trees which have no branches when planted and to encourage branches at a specific height.

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Pruning a Central Leader Fruit Tree

A central leader tree has one main, upright trunk with whorls of branches, usually beginning 60-90cm above ground, then again every 45-60cm up the trunk.

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