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Family Tree Planting - Four Trees in One Hole!

Family tree plantings are a selection of deciduous fruit trees planted very closely together, with all branches pruned to grow outwards.

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At the Nursery in Winter

Winter is our busiest time of year, with tree lifting, despatch, bagging/potting, seed sowing, rootstock harvest, benchgrafting, field grafting and planting.

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Winter Tasks

Winter is a time of planting and housekeeping in the home orchard.

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Winter Pest & Disease Prevention

Very few of us want to spray our fruit trees, but especially young fruit trees can be susceptible to pest and disease infections.

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Winter Planting Season

How to plant bare-root trees Most deciduous fruit trees are grown by nurseries in the field, being dug or lifted during dormancy (in Winter when the tree is not growing and…

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