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Last of the Summer's Harvest

Fruit harvesting continues through March and April with a huge range of varieties and fruit types ripening. In Nelson we will be harvesting: 

Late stonefruit varieties like prune plums 'Stanley' and 'Italian'; 'Mabel nectarines' and 'Sanguine' peaches. 

Mid and late season apple varieties like: 'Blush Babe' (dwarf variety), 'Lady in Red' (Pink Lady®), 'Pacific Rose™', 'Bramley's Seedling' and 'Monty's Surprise'. 

Mid and late season pear varieties: 'Doyenne du Comice', 'Taylors Gold', 'Winter Cole' and 'Winter Nelis'. 

Quinces 'Smyrna' and 'Van Deman' 

Early and mid season feijoa varieties like 'Kaiteri', 'Unique' and 'Apollo'. 

Fig varieties like 'Brown Turkey' and 'Brunswick' 

Autumn fruits still life


And it won't be long until persimmons and early Satsuma mandarins will be ready to keep us going through the Winter months, along with the trusty ever-bearing 'Meyer' lemons.