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Free Fruit Trees for Kindergartens

Waimea Nurseries recently teamed up with local landscaper Graham Smith from Garden Property Services and Green Waste to Zero, planting four fruit trees in every kindergarten from Nelson to Golden Bay.  

Each kindergarten received a 'Billington' plum, dwarf apple 'Blush Babe', feijoa 'Unique' and 'Satsuma' mandarin. These varieties were specially selected to ripen in succession, starting with plums just prior to Christmas, apples in mid Summer, feijoas in Autumn and mandarins in Winter.   

It was lovely to help the children plant the fruit trees, talking about their favourite fruits (luckily the fruit trees we selected were some of the most popular!). Hopefully learning about growing their own food will lead to healthy food choices and a generation of gardeners in years to come. 

Read the report here from the local community newspaper. 

Pine Grove Brightwater Kindergarten Tree Planting 2015 775px

Graham from GPS, Kate from Waimea Nurseries and keen children at Pine Grove Kindergarten, Brightwater.