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Christmas Gift Ideas
Give the gift that keeps giving this season, with fruit tree-themed Christmas presents.
Create a feijoa gift pack, with a tree (or two, as best for cross pollination), Little Beauties dried feijoa snacks and a jar of feijoa chutney. Wrap with brown paper and a sprig of a fresh feijoa flower to decorate (idea pinched from Annabel Langbein). 
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Make citrus the theme with lemon or lime tree and a jar of Moutere Gold Citrus & Passionfruit Curd. 
For a wine lover, choose a grape vine to go with their favourite tipple. 
For cold and warm regions alike, olive trees will thrive - gift an olive tree with a bottle of Al Brown's olive oil (from The Village Press). Olives are a symbol of peace, which may be an appropriate theme! 
And if these don't float your boat, how about one of our Grow It Yourself fruit tree books, along with some garden store vouchers to buy the tree(s) of their choice?