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PERSIMMON Matsumoto Wase Fuyu

Diospryos kaki

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Ripening 10 days before Fuyu. A prolific fruiter of medium size, round flattened fruit with sweet, crisp flavour. Non-astringent. Ripens May-June.

NOTE:  Availability of persimmon trees is very limited this year (from Waimea and other suppliers). You may need to order with your local retailer to get trees next year. 

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Early Non Astringent
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All Persimmon varieties are self-fertile. 


Best with good free draining soil.


Best in a sunny site, protected from cold harsh winds. 


Hardiness depends on variety but generally most are hardy to around -9˚C once established. 


Water well during the early stages, during long dry periods and when the fruit is developing.


Persimmons are affected by very few. 


Form a splendid neat and compact tree ideal for specimen planting, shrub borders or for lining driveways. Persimmons also make superb container plants and can be fan-trained or espaliered. 


Persimmons are either astringent or non-astringent. Fruit ripens in late Summer to Autumn.


All varieties are partially or fully self fertile.


5m x 4m.

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Fuyu Matsumoto

By DAVID from Whakatane, 22 months ago

We purchased this from our local nursery at an end of season sale in 2016. We had no luck with Fuyu years ago. We got a few fruit in 2017, I think the possums got them. This year 2018 we got about 20 fruit and they are excellent. We picked the first ones in May when we saw Fuyu in the supermarket. We are in a cold microclimate in the Whakatane area... so not early. The colour of the fruit is great.. better .. deeper orange.. than the Fuyu in the supermarket. Mild/sweet flavour, easy to eat skin and all, probably a good source of vit.A. Would be great in fruit salad to add orange colour. So, seems easy to grow, and fruits well. Like an orange apple.. kids should like them.