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Persea americana

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Reed has large, round, ‘cannon-ball’ shaped fruit.  Fruit has smooth textured flesh of nutty flavour and smooth thick-skin. Fruit ripens between February-April. Tree has erect habit and is salt tolerant. Ratio percentage: Seed 17% / Skin 11% / Flesh 72%. A B flowering variety - see Pollinator tab below.

NOTE:  Availability of avocado trees is very limited this year (from Waimea and other suppliers). You may need to order with your local retailer to get trees next year. 

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Avocados are self fertile in warmer climates of New Zealand due to having female and male flowers on the same tree. Each sex of flower will open no longer than 12 hours. If the temperature does not exceed 17 degrees the female will not open at all. If temperature drops when female flower is open, the flower will close. Due to this it is best to plant a different flowering variety and have bees around at flowering times to ensure fruit.


General Avocado tree information:

Avocado trees will start to produce fruit between its thrid to fifth year.

Ripe fruit is between 9-12 months old.

When picking avocados, pick when fruit is dark green in colour and gives under slight pressure. Best place to test is by the stalk.


Avocado trees need to be planted in warm climates, like Bay of Plenty, Northland and Whagarei.

Plant in deep, well drained fertile soil. Avocados have tap roots that spread in their old age. Can be grown in coastal areas.

Plant Avocado trees approximatly 5 meters apart.

General Care:

Water Avocados well during early planting stages, long dry periods and when fruit is developing.

Mow grass around trees so there is no competing blossoms.

Zutano.  Tolerant of soils high in salt and lime.

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