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On a commercial tree nursery all employees will be engaged in physical activity, often outside in the open and working with/near plants, soil/potting mix and may involve using agricultural chemicals.

Have you had an ACC claim for a physical injury or medical condition in the last 5 years?*
Do you suffer from a sore back?*
Do you use any medication (prescribed or otherwise) that may influence your ability to concentrate, operate machinery/vehicles or otherwise impact on your ability to come to work or properly perform your job?*
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Do you have previous experience in the following? Please provide details and bring copies of training records if asked to attend an interview.

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ALL applicants must be NZ citizens OR have NZ residency OR hold a valid NZ work visa and ALL applicants will be required to provide evidence they can work in New Zealand if employed (i.e. passport)

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Further information

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I declare that I agree: to providing a record of my ACC Claim History to Waimea Nurseries if requested; to providing Waimea Nurseries with a Police Check should they ask me for one; to undertaking a pre-employment drug test if required by Waimea Nurseries and agree to undertake additional and/or other testing if required as per Waimea Nurseries Alcohol and Drugs Policy should I be offered employment; and to Waimea Nurseries contacting my previous employers for the purpose of a reference check.

I certify that the particulars given by me, in this application form or otherwise, in support of my application are in all material respects true and correct and may be relied upon. I understand that if any false information is given, or any material fact suppressed, I may not be accepted, or if employment has commenced, may result in termination of employment. I also understand that any false information given in relation to my medical history with regard to gradual process, back injuries, or hearing loss may result in my loss of entitlement for any compensation.