Waimea Nurseries


At the Nursery in Winter

Winter is our busiest time of year, with tree lifting, despatch, bagging/potting, seed sowing, rootstock harvest, benchgrafting, field grafting and planting. Phew!

We have over 100 staff at the moment, who are all being kept super busy with the various tasks in the nursery. The mix of people is eclectic, with a range of nationalities including Tongan (through the RSE Scheme), Czech, German, Welsh, Canadian, Estonian, British, American, French, Nepalese, Belgian, Australian, Japanese, Venezuelan, Spanish and of course our Kiwis!  

Here are some photos of the different tasks:

Rootstocks harvested, to be graded then planted or grafted:

Rootstock harvest

Ornamental trees gradually dropping their leaves ready for lifting:

Ornamental trees AutumnTree lifting process (mechanical tree lifting, grading, bundling): 

Tree lifting Winter 2016


Potted dwarf fruit trees ready to go to garden centres:

20160622 115421 resized


Apple trees for orchards heading to the Hawkes Bay:

Commercial tree despatch truck pallets winter 2015